ÖBB Rail Cargo Group offers alternative after closed Gotthard Tunnel: TransFER Verona-Wuppertal

Due to the recent closures in the Gotthard Tunnel and on the Brenner route, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) offers an alternative option for freight traffic between Italy and Germany with its new TransFER Verona-Wuppertal. International freight traffic is currently significantly impaired on this axis. The Brenner route has been reopened for freight trains after a complete closure in August, but there are still restrictions in the Gotthard Tunnel. On the north-south link through the Swiss Alps, cleanup work is continuing following the derailment of a freight train.

The TransFER Verona-Wuppertal offers an attractive alternative for transporting goods between the two markets. RCG is thus creating a direct network connection without a stopover for continental flows of goods between northern Italy and the Ruhr region and is also helping to shift traffic to environmentally friendly rail along the Brenner axis and relieve transit congestion in the Tyrol.

Three round trips per week

The TransFER Verona—Wuppertal is particularly suitable for 20-, 30-, 40- and 45-foot containers as well as 25- and 45-foot swap bodies and craneable trailers. After restrictions in recent weeks, the TransFER is now operating three round trips per week between the terminal in Sommacampagna-Sona near Verona and the DUSS terminal in Wuppertal-Langerfeld. If demand increases, there is the possibility of further increasing the number of round trips.

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