Battermann & Tillery appoints additional Executive Director

Effective immediately, Nico Nöldner will be part of the executive management team of Battermann & Tillery GmbH as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director at the company’s Bremen headquarters. His area of responsibility includes the operational business in Germany and abroad. 

As of 01 December 2018, Nico Nöldner (37) is representing Battermann & Tillery GmbH as Executive Director. Along with Managing Partners, Percy Tillery (68) and Patrick Tillery (41), he will be in charge of the 20 German branch offices as well as the sister company and subsidiaries within and outside of Germany.

With this appointment, Patrick Tillery is strengthening the long-term focus of this 105-year-old family business: “Our company is gaining a director who has been a valuable employee for many years. He has earned our utmost trust and confidence. Together, we would like to position ourselves for the long term, remain focused on continuity and dependability and continue the successful growth of our group of companies.”

Nico Nöldner studied Transport Engineering at the Wolfenbüttel / Braunschweig University of Applied Sciences. He is also an instructor for cargo-securing measures on road vehicles, officially certified by the VDI (German association of engineers). From 2006 to 2012, he worked as Surveyor in the Battermann & Tillery branch office in Memmingen, Germany. In 2012, he relocated to the Bremen headquarters and has held several senior positions.  

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